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DemoGrid project at the Department of General Computer Science (2001-2002)


In the first stage of the DemoGrid project, we have investigated the software architectures of standalone clusters of some 25 machines. We have studied how can the construction of applications be supported by the individual software tools. In the second stage, we have investigated a data intensive application, and the prototype of an ORB(M)/PVM middleware has been built. In the third stage, we have analyzed the components of the EDG software, and have made a proposal to extend the JDL language by describing the resource needs and data access patterns.


Workgroup leader Dr. Horváth, Zoltán
Participants Kozsik, Tamás
Ulbert, Attila
Tejfel, Máté
Hernyák, Zoltán
Zsók, Viktória


DemoGrid reports




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