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DigiCam Info
DigiCam settings for the photo
Image Characteristics
DigiCam Info
Camera Model Canon PowerShot G2
DigiCam settings for the photo
Flash 24
Exposure Time 1/640 second
Metering Mode Multi-segment
Focal Length 21.00 millimeters
Shutter Speed Value 1/635 sec
Aperture Value F4.51 (4.34 APEX)
Maximum Aperture Value F2.00 (2.00 APEX)
F-Number 4.50
Focal Plane X Resolution 8114.29
Focal Plane Y Resolution 8114.29
Image Characteristics
Date 08/09/2003 09:43:30
File Media Type image/jpeg
JPEG Type Baseline
Color Type YCbCr
Samples Per Pixel 3
Bits Per Sample 8 8 8
Physical Resolution 180/1 dpi
Exif Version 0220
Original Image Width 2272
Original Image Length 1704
Compression Quality Very fine (5:1)
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